Mass Farm Energy Program

Farm Energy Concerns:

  • Energy costs account for up to 10% of total farm expenses
  • Recent increases in energy costs impact the sustainability of farms
  • Industry energy conservation programs are underutilized by agribusiness
  • 2002 Farm Bill did not fund energy audits (Section 9005)
  • Government programs do not have cost-share programs for farm energy
  • Farming is energy-intensive, which contributes to greenhouse gas emissions

Objectives of the MFEP:

  • Streamline technical and financial assistance to farmers
  • Leverage and coordinate support from government and industry
  • Increase farmer participation in industry conservation programs and renewable energy projects
  • Provide energy audits and/or renewable energy assessments
  • Offer incentives for implementation of recommendations
  • Develop practices and standards for use in future government cost-share programs

All the information you need about the Massachusetts Farm Energy Program, along with tips on how to conserve energy and save on your energy bill, can be found at: The Berkshire Pioneer RC&D.

Here are some things you can do right away!
Farm Energy: What you can do