Horse Manure and Mud Management

Many parts of Massachusetts are home to horses, where they support farms and businesses or serve as pets. While these horses provide countless benefits to their owners, they are also large animals who can adversely affect their neighborhoods’ air, soil and water quality if proper guidelines are not followed. The Patriot RC&D Council has devoted one of its projects to helping new horse owners learn how to protect their region’s natural resources. It has been a useful and rewarding effort, because the Patriot RC&D Area is home to thousands of horses

The Patriot RC&D, with the assistance of 4-H of Middlesex County and consultants Ed Maltby and Robert Spencer, recently completed a business plan for regional horse manure management.  It compares several approaches. Funding for the survey of horseowners and the development of this plan was provided by the Rural Development agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

If you are thinking about purchasing a horse or if you already own one, you can check these publications to see if there are any steps you’re not yet taking that could help protect your area’s natural resources:

For additional resources and information about horses and their care, view: